Jesus Prieto

internet consultant

Terms and Conditions

The prices listed on this website, and the ones given to you orally or in writing, are for web pages that contain the functionalities discussed with you or your assigned representative; however, its final look and feel is at our sole discretion only. There are NO eceptions unless given by us in writing.

Should you require that your web pages be designed with a specific look and feel, and/or animation, prices will be higher since the services of a graphic artists, and/or animator, will be required. In this situation, therefore, you will be given a formal custom quote, either in writing, by email, or both.

We create web pages for those who also use our web hosting service ONLY. Should you transfer your web pages to another web host provider, at anytime in the future, we will immediately cease providing you service at that moment.

All services rendered are to be fully prepaid before we begin work. Due to the current low prices we are offering, we no longer accept deposits. All monies received are not refundable for any reason.

GUARANTEE: once we receive and accept FULL payment from you, we will create your web pages within fourten (14) days, not counting Sundays, from date full payment is received AND ADDITIONALLY you have provided ALL content necessary to complete your web pages. We reserve the right to refund full payment to you for any reason, at anytime. Should we refund payment to you, all work will be immediately deleted and hosting service will be immediately cancelled.

We offer fast & powerful web hosting service, which is monitored 24hrs/7days. We offer more features either for free or at much lower prices than most of our competitors. Although we believe to offer one of the best, and most reliable, and most secured, web hosting service in the industry, it is nevertheless provided on an 'as-is' basis only. By using our web hosting service you agree to hold Jesus Prieto, and anyone associated with him, harmless in case of any and all form of loss and/or damage that may occur as a result of using the web hosting service.

You agree to accept and assume the sole legal and full responsibility for ANY and all content, both text and images, that is published in your web pages. You are responsible for proving us text and image content to be used in your web pages. You agree that initial images used to create your web pages are for illustrative purposes only, and that you may be required to purchase from a third party the right to use it, or a similar one, on your web pages.

We do not allow any content that may be discriminatory or offensive to others. We also do not allow content that are of a sexually explicit nature, either in text and/or image/s.

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at anytime, for any reason, without any notice. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

We provide FREE technical support, FREE training and assistance, and FREE minor updates.

It is our philosophy to do everything possible for you to be happy with our services. Happy clients is our method of advertising. We hope that you stay with us for a long time, and we can help you grow and succeed on the Internet.

To prevent any misunderstanding of any prior terms and conditions we discussed with you orally, the terms and conditions written herein supercede any prior agreed upon orally.