Jesus Prieto

internet consultant

Make lots of Money with Your Own Website

Your website --the one I will make for you -- will have the potential to make you very rich or famous in a short period of time, regardless of which type it is ... and I'll show you how that's done.

The biggest and most profitable websites have very simple designs without animation or background music. That's one of the main secrets that the founder of FaceBook used to create a website that made him the world's youngest Billionaire. So did many other mega websites.

Others have also made millions with this tip. And it's one of the success principle that all popular & profitable websites abide by.

Observe this website that you'll looking at right now. See how simple its design is? Yet it has all the features necessary to explain what I have to offer, it takes orders & process payments instantly, and it allows me to provide technical support via the web.

I can create any type of website that you want to own. From the most simple to the most complex, I know how to create them. And if you stick to a simple visual design, then I can create your website starting at $495. However, I do work with graphic designers and photographers that can make it appear more "visually fanzier" looking (but if that's what you want, it'll take longer to complete it and it will cost you a lot more money). It's your choice.

If you are considering getting a website, or getting a better one than the one you have now, then click on the SUPPORT link above to let me know what you have in mind. I will work closely with you to make it happen within your budget.

I have 3 Price Levels (see order page), and just about all the websites that I make will fall under one of these price levels. These prices include 1 year of FREE web space, so you can publish your web pages on the world wide web.