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The nature of our service is very personalized. We attend to every step of the ordering process. Unlike other services, accounts are not created automatically, simply because we want to make sure everything is done just right.

Your account will be created the SAME DAY you order it (before midnight).

Please make sure you discuss your web needs BEFORE ordering. You can do that via our SUPPORT form (see link above). We will then inform you about which PRICES you will need to pay with your order. Most services we offer are within the price range below.

For your security, we process payments received via PayPal. It is the world's largest bank. They provide vendors like us the funds, but not your credit card info. It's good to have a PayPal account. Just about everyone has one.

If you do not yet have an account with them, it will be created for you automatically upon placing an order with us. Please remember to write down the email address you used, and the password you selected.

Later you will use your PayPal account to be able to sell products and services to others on the Internet through your website. We advise that you have a PayPal account. It's FREE and there's no monthly fees.

The majority of web pages we create will cost $495, which includes a free domain name plus 1 full year of web space. Afterwards (12 months later) you simply pay $10 per month.
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if your web pages requires a lot more work than usual, or you requested that we optimize it for Search Engines, or if it is a lot more complex to create than our STANDARD package, it will cost $795, which also includes a free domain name & 1 year of web space. Afterwards, (12 months later) you simply pay $10 per month.

There are some web pages that require lots of coding and intergration with scripts/services. This require more advance technical expertise and takes more days or weeks to complete. We charge $1,495 for complex web pages, and as usual we include a free domain name plus 1 full year of web space. Afterwards (12 months later) you simply pay $10 per month.

By ordering our service/s you formally agree to abide by our Terms & Conditions. Be aware that the above prices do not include the costs involved in using the services of photographer, graphic artist, or data entry clerk -- should any of these services be needed. Money received are not refundable for any reason. Discuss your needs before ordering, please.

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